Isaiah 1:18

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

On a mission... find the best specialty coffee. You know how I like my coffee. I love my coffee. I drink several cups every day. Just regular coffee that I add cream and sweetener to. But today, I am looking at gourmet coffees. I am going to visit one of the local coffee shops and try one of their specials and see how I like them. Guess what, you are going with me! Let's go! My car will hold 5 comfortably so lets take a headcount first. More than that and we are taking the pickup truck. But ladies in the back, when we hit city limits, just lay down nice and quiet and no one will be the wiser. C'mon....
When I first decided to do this post, it was going to be a comparative post. We were going to visit several locations in the area and determine which one we liked the best. The more I hunted and searched and looked, the more I realized that would not work. There is a grave difference between the coffee shop that we are going to and a gas station that has a coffee shop inside its building. The ambiance of a place can make it or break it. Today, we are going to my favorite. It's called Cafe Ameno.
Ahh, see, we are already here. You can have your choice of coffee or tea. You can have a pastry or a snack or you can have a full meal. Today we are just going to test the coffee but I do have to tell you that I came with a friend of mine not too long ago and this is what we ate: Bruschetta ( I LOVE Bruschetta - and theirs is wonderfully fresh and the tomatoes still have that little crispy tenderness of just cut tomatoes so that I knew my food was freshly made. We each had a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup as well. Yes, it does rival the soup at any of the large chain restaurants that everyone hurries to on weekend nights. I do have to tell you that I really wanted to slurp that soup and if I wasn't afraid to be seen, I might have even licked the bowl. They have recently started making Belgian Waffles on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yep, working on the hubby to bring me here for that. Enough about the food; suffice it to say that I liked it, I will be back and I will certainly spread the word.
Ok, back to the coffee. Everytime I go into a specialty store, I end up getting the same thing over and over because I just like it so much. This place is no different. They do make a mean cup of hot chocolate. I personally love their Cafe au Lait. To be such a simple drink and not even be sweet, it is decadent in the sense that it just simply tastes good. I am an espresso drinker and love that strong bitter aftertaste that comes with it. The steamed milk just really makes it undeniable great. I am making myself hold back here. There are just so many choices to go through. Wonder if they will start a coffee drink of the month club? Hmmm...I'd be a member in a heartbeat. My friend had a Raspberry Mocha. That is espresso, raspberry syrup and whipped cream. The menu doesn't list chocolate as an ingredient but I strongly expect it is or it wouldn't be called a "Mocha." At any rate, she liked it. My mother in law and I plan to go soon as well. She and I both love salmon and they have a smoked salmon salad on their menu that puts weight on me by just reading about it. I think that I want to try the Spring Berry Salad. Anything put on top of a bed of organic baby leaf spinach cannot possibly be bad. Now I am getting hungry as well. May have to plan that luncheon soon.
Well, Cafe Ameno is not just about the coffee and the food. The service has been wonderful every time I have been there. I have yet to be disappointed. I also like the atmosphere. It is so calming and they have music going all the time. I love the way they have decorated; it gives you a feeling of richness. I am not sure that adequately describes it but that is how I feel. As a stay at home mom that has been very involved in her son's schooling, church and activities that come with that and the hectic pace that we, as a family, have set for ourselves, I also have to admit that I feel pretty free when I am there - it's my treat, my pampering. If you see me there, just wave and send over another cup of coffee.

This location looks small from the outside but once you enter the doors, you can see that it does seat several at tables and the little cozy couch in the corner. They have so much to offer. They have a website that you can make special orders from as well. They have some of the cutest tea boxes, several loose tea samples, and, of course, coffee. My husband got a gift card for one of my Christmas gifts. Yes, it will be on my birthday list too. This establishment also offers live music from time to time. I think that is an excellent idea and will help them keep their customers happy and bring new ones in as well.
I can go to a larger city and have more options as far as coffee houses go. I prefer to stay close to home, spend my money here and support the growth of my community. Most of all, I want to go into a place and it feel like home to me. Sort of my "Cheers" for coffee lovers. I guess I just dated myself. You can't get too old for coffee; don't let anybody tell you that you can.
I hope you have enjoyed your coffee break with me today? I would love to hear what you would order off of the menu and why. Give me a compelling reason to try your favorite so that I can make a comment or two about it. Waiting to hear from you. Until then, visit Cafe Ameno's site and sit back and enjoy.


  1. Interesting article. Sounds like a nice place to rest and relax during a day of shopping. Otherwise, I like just enjoying my Gevalia coffee, black because it's so good, right here at home in my jammies. Don't care for flavored coffees unless it's a one-time deal perhaps as a late-afternoon treat. My morning coffee has to be regular roast, hot, black and most preferably Gevalia. Sharon aka NPNana

  2. Loved your "long awaited article". You did such a great job describing everything, I want to go. Where is this "alleged" little bit of coffee heaven? Syl

  3. Sharon, yep, I can understand you. In the winter, I stay inside as much as possible. I do love this place though.

    Sylvia - this is about 10-15 min from my home. You will have to come to this corner of the world and I will treat you to a special coffee.

  4. I have heard many people talk about Cafe Ameno and I know lots of the teens at church go there a lot, but alas I have never been. I'd love to take a mid-morning brunch break and go with you sometime! I am a coffee lover myself, but find it hard to get out of the house unless I need something!

  5. Ok, Ti, now you need something! You need to take a break with me! I was there with a friend one night and the teens came in. Wow, livened up the place. Would rather my son be at Amenos than alot of other places. We will have to plan something soon.