Isaiah 1:18

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a snow night...

My son was so excited to have it announced before he went to bed last night that school would be cancelled due to inclement weather. Nothing had happened yet. Sounds curious, doesn't it? Here in the Southeast, alot of cities are not prepared for the icy/snowy season due to the road layout and the lack of these conditions for the most part. Our area is really beautiful but remote, to a point. Lots of curves, valleys, hills and trees are around and the road is not exposed to enough sun to keep the roads clear. This morning we were to have 1-3 inches. We had a little dusting. We were to get more during the day. We had a little more dusting. Areas close by got more, but we got dust...and ice. It was still pretty coming down though. Above are some pics so that you can see.
When I was growing up, I think that we got more snow than my child normally gets to see in a winter. There is one thing that I just had to make sure was the same. Hot Chocolate...homemade hot chocolate. My mother used to make this for my two sisters, brother and myself when we would come in from playing in the snow. Sure would warm you up...from the inside out. I wish you could have been here today to smell the chocolate as it warmed on the stove. Ahh....comforting on such a cold winter day. We also had grilled cheese sandwiches. Everything was absolutely yummy.

Homemade hot chocolate is so much better that the premixed envelopes that you buy at the grocery. Now, the packets are much more convenient and I do admit that I will still buy them but when possible, I am making mine. If you have never made it, following is a recipe.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

This is all you need. Isn't that easy? Like me, you probably already have this in your pantry. Just milk, sugar and cocoa.
5-6 Tbsp cocoa

5-6 Tbsp sugar

3 cups milk
In medium saucepan, mix sugar and cocoa, add milk. Stir over medium heat until warm to your liking.

I doubled this recipe so that I would have some for tonights family night. Just refrigerate left over portion for later.

This is the sugar and cocoa.

This is after I added the milk. So rich!

This was our lunch. So yummy! The hot chocolate was so creamy and rich and Josh said he just loved it. The grilled cheese sandwiches were good, hot and gooey. The only thing missing was the salsa. I was out. I love to dip mine in salsa. I also love thinly sliced tomatoes and onions on my grilled cheese before I cook them. Since I was splitting the sandwiches with my picky eater, I didn't do that. Maybe next time.
After hubby came home, we had a simple dinner of shrimp and broccoli and settled in for family night (and the remainder of the hot cocoa). We watched a movie that was really family friendly and enjoyable. I think that we may have to watch it again to catch the end. Not really sure if it ended in a way that we understood completely. This is a picture of the DVD case.
This is a cute movie about a family under financial stress living in a community filled with need. The father makes a wondrous discovery and attempts to use his compassion and common sense as to how to exercise his newfound knowledge and the "moss". You have to watch the movie to discover how it ends. You can find a copy through the production company Feature Film for the Family at
Sorry about the flash on the cover. I am still new at photography and blogging but am enjoying the process as I go. Any tips that you can give me, would be greatly appreciated.

I would also love to hear what you do on family nights? Is there a game or a movie that strikes you as being one to bring those sweet memories of your own childhood to mind? Would love to hear about those as well. What about your favorite winter family beverages? Do you have a special one that you make for your family to enjoy? Please comment below and share the recipes. You know that you can never have too many recipes. Until next time, spend time with your family; make memories for your little ones so that they can pass on a heritage to their own precious little ones.
Until we meet again. Blessings and seek the Lord in all that you do.


  1. Linda, thanks for the blog about snow & hot chocolate. Do you remember making snow creme? Loved it but I wouldn't do it now with all the toxins in the air. One of my favorite memories was Saturday mornings. Mother would make us creme of wheat and we would listen to "let's Pretend" on the radio. I think they advertized Ralston creme of Wheat (can't be beat!!). We loved to listen and eat our creme of wheat. We were always warm and toasty and happy. Syl

  2. Yes, Sylvia, I do remember snow cream. I have actually made it for Josh a couple of times. Several years ago we got alot of snow and we went out and scraped off a layer and made it. He still talks about it and had hoped that we would get enough this time. Sad.
    I love Cream of Wheat. I also love Ralston; we used to make muffins using the Ralston cereal. I will have to look that one up again. Did your Mom make biscuits and chocolate gravy? Mine did on Saturdays and we ate if after chores were done. Such good memories. Thanks Sylvia!

  3. Hey Linda, This is so funny...i was JUST looking for an old bible study book of mine (Christian Womanhood) because I remembered it had a recipe for homemade hot chocolate. Gave up looking for it and then read your blog. God knew I reallly wanted that hot chocolate recipe! haha! OK, so NOW i think you need to post the recipe for your mom's chocolate gravy! Did you know that when I met Vicki Carroll, she had never had gravy and never had turnip greens? You'll have to ask her about that. Going to make that hot chocolate now. :) ~donna eli

  4. She ain't from here, is she?? Just kidding, Vicki. Ooh, but she is a good cook.
    Made beef stew tonight so will be posting that soon. Yes, I will post the choc gravy and homemade biscuits soon. Mom could get us to do almost anything for these!! Enjoy the hot choc. It was really good!